Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Guns of Sipokni saddled up and hitched the territorial jail up and rode to Ringling, Oklahoma for celebration of Ringling Western Days. There was a big crowd on hand and the Guns had a blast in being part of the celebration.

Law Dog Jerry and Miss Carol was hamming it up early on. Miss Carol wore one of her newer dresses for the first time Saturday and of course Law Dog always costumes well.

Now Big John Howard was looking for some action and he may have got more than he wanted working the jail. John worked that jail hard and it about wore him out. But, he made a lot of geedus for the gang.

Miss Sherrie was letting Miss Tammie know if she tried to take her dollar she'd shoot her with that loaded finger of hers.

Bonnie, Larry, and Val manned our vending booth trying to peddle some of out Guns shirts.

There was a gang of bikers at Ringling Western Days and these guys and gals helped the Guns of Sipokni out a lot. The Guns locked up just about everyone of them before the day was over.

The bikers eventually got on their fancy ponies and rode off on the trail. Those ponies were pretty but kinda loud.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Gunslingers

On a spur of the moment notice, gunslingers Jerry (Marshal) Stout, Carol (Coyote) Radford, and Barry (Badlands) Shrader saddled up and rode to Sipokni West to entertain a group of recreational bikers.

Evidently, there was a telegraph line down somewhere because there was a mix-up in communications and when we arrived we found out we were expected to do a gunfight. So in less than half an hour we come up with what we were going to do.

The three of us pulled off Even Steven...not just part of Even Steven...the whole skit.

Now, this may sound like one "tooting their own horn" but I have to pay homage and give praise to Coyote because not only did she play her part...she picked up the part that is usally played by Ortho (Bruce) or Gonzales (Barry). And...she did it almost flawlessly. I think the only line she had to be fed was "Rigor Morgis". The rest she remembered from doing the skit. Jerry was excellent in his part also and after the gunfight he was absolutely beaming because the gunfight went off so well. I too had a pretty wide grin on my face.

Now, twenty minutes earlier Coytoe was throwing a little hissy fit about having to do the skit. She simply had a bad case of the nerves, plus she didn't want to blow the skit because of not knowing the lines. But once we got started Coyote settled down.

It was fun but we certainly missed the rest of the group. We were shocked that we were going to gunfight because like I said, someone didn't pass the word very well on this one folks.

The crowd was very appreciative and we heard lots of laughter. Of course cousie Wanda Sue was busy jitter bugging around trying to get the crowd in the Saloon to serve them up the evening chuck.

This was a nice sized group and they rode into Sipokni West on their own versions of ponies or steel horses.

"I'm a cowboy,
on a steel horse I ride,
dead or alive."

Bon Jovi

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gonzales's Corrales Mexican Dinner

Gonzales has new Dutch Oven recipe he would like to share with all his amigos. It is called Gonzales' Corrales Mexican Dinner.

Here is what you need.

2 lbs. of 80% lean ground beef
9 White Corn Tortillas
2 jars of green chile sauce
2 small cans of Hatch chopped green chiles
1 yellow onion coarsely chopped
1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro
1 largo bag of shredded cheese
olive oil for saute'ing
garlic salt for seasoning
black pepper for seasoning
salt for seasoning

First get you de coals white hot. You will need about 26 briquets.

Now, saute' de onions and cilantro in de olive oil until de onions turn golden brown.

Next add de ground beef and chopped chiles with all de seasonings and saute' until de meat turns.

Now remove all de contents and place in holding bowl.

Spread layer of green chile sauce on bottom of de Dutch Oven.

Now, add three corn tortillas over chile sauce.

Follow with a layer of ground beef mixture.

Now sprinkle de shredded cheese.

Now, repeat this layering process three times ending with de chesse on top. Cook with eight coals on bottom and fourteen on top for 50 minutes.

As de Gonazles Corrales Mexican Dinner was nearing being ready Senor Jerry and Senorita Maridel rode up and Gonzales made them stay for a visit. Gonzales also insist that Senor Jerry and Senorita Maridel have some of de Corrales Mexican Dinner.

As the sweat dripped from Senor Jerry's and Senorita Maridel's forehead, Gonzales asked, "How you like?" Senor Jerry and Senorita Maridel said, "It's good...but dang it's so hot!!!"

Si! Gonzales no use mild green chiles.

Gonzales hope all his amigos enjoy de Corrales Mexican Dinner.

Adios Amigos,


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Even Steven Photo Essay

The Guns of Sipokni entertained an entourage from Murray Stage College led by the Johnston County Historical Society on June 13th. This photo essay is courtesy of Bonnie Randolph.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Photographs From The Past

We finally have some photographs from the historical reenactment held in Madill, Oklahoma and performed by three of our members - Bruce Bailey, and John and Tammy Howard. This event received a tremendous amount of attention and reviews said that our gunfighters did a fantastic job in performing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Benefits Of A Benefit

The Guns of Sipokni saddled up and rode into Ravia last night to give a hand in benefit festivities for William Small. It seems that William is quite the gifted lad and has been selected for a special Leadership School. Of course his selection is quite an honor but a fellar has to have some pocket money to take with him on such an adventure so William's mom, dad, friends, and the citizens of Ravia got together to raise some walking around money for William. The Guns were delighted in being invited and provided the entertainment.

William, along with his dad John are pictured in the center. John is quite the western writer and he too has reenacting and acting experience at Sipokni West Old West Movie Set.

Upon arriving at the corral the Guns ran into an old sidekick in state representative Paul Roan. Paul just seems to fit in with the rest of us outlaws and if you didn't know he also has acting experience playing an old west part at Sipokni West.

The Guns performed Even Steven which is a funny, funny skit about some bumbling and not too trustworthy outlaws trying to get off with the town's money. Playing in this skit was John Howard, Tammie Howard, Sherrie Adams, Coyote Carol Radford, Sassy Cheryl Parker, Susan Parker Howell, Jack Howell, Jerry Stout, Joe Stout, Larry Randolph,and Gonzales the crazy Mexican bandito.

The gang ends up killing each other off one by one thinking they'll be the one to get off with all the money but as they discover the Marshal was telling them the truth all the long when he told them he had nothing but a bag full of ammunition.

Gonzales and his craziness could only go on so much and Senor' Pete took him out.

The Guns are a colorful and wonderfully talented group and with our latest additions such as John Howard we only see our skits getting better and better.

And a wonderful surprise for the Guns was seeing Ron Asbury, one of our original members whose been missing in action for quite some time. Ron has been nursing himself back to good health, looks great, and is going to get back in the gunslinging business soon.

Upon the great idea of Miss Tammie the Guns then rode to Fish Tales in Tishomingo and enjoyed a wonderful chuck together.

The Guns will be performing next on June 13th at 5 p.m. at Sipokni West Old West Movie Set.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoot-Out At Old Settlers Day

The Guns had a wonderful time shooting it out at the Old Settlers Day in Milburn, Oklahoma. The crowd was much more than we expected and all that attended proved to be extremely accommodating with laughter and applause at our antics.

Despite of stormy skies and rain we were able to pull off both of our skits and our visit to Milburn is proving to be one of our favorite trail memories.

It just so happens that country music star Blake Shelton was in attendance so we threw his carcass in the jail-house and Blake was a really good sport about it all and yes, he did make bail.

We have to tell you that Blake, despite of all his success in the music business, remains as friendly and down-to-earth as ever and we really enjoyed our time with him.

Guns shooting it out at Milburn included Cheryl "Sassy" Parker, Susan Parker Howell, Jack Howell, Jerry Stout, Miss Tammie Howard, Miss Sherrie Adams, "Too Tall" John Howard, Joe Stout, "Coyote" Carol Radford, Bruce Bailey, and Barry Shrader.

The Guns started the action off with Even Steven which is a delightful humorous gunfight about some bumbling bad guys who double-cross each other, the town Marshal who tries to run em out of town, and of course the soiled doves at the saloon.

Even Steven was a hit!

The Guns then did "Toughest Man In Town" and as usual this favored skit brought many laughs from the crowd.

Here are some photographs from the action at Old Settlers Day.

The Guns hope to return year after year.